What is SweetSkillz.com?

SweetSkillz.com is a website that helps you grow and use your skill and knowledge.


How does SweetSkillz.com help me grow my knowledge?

SweetSkillz.com helps to grow your knowledge by connecting you to a wide variety of skill experts.  When you submit a question to SweetSkillz.com we are going to e-mail that question to everyone who has self-identified as having that Skill on their resume in our system.


If I am have listed myself as a possessing a skill on my resume, why should I post answers to questions people ask?  What’s in it for me?

When you post an answer, the question asker gets to rate your answer.  These ratings then get attached to your resume (if you want them to be attached).  This way you can use the SweetSkillz.com platform to establish yourself as a verifiable expert in your field.


How can I use the SweetSkillz.com platform to build and enhance my resume?

It is well known advice that you should craft your resume to match a job posting.  If you are looking for work you know that this is a monumental task due to the large number of jobs most job seekers apply for before landing their dream job.  The SweetSkillz.com platform helps you with this process in 2 ways:

1. First, the SweetSkillz.com Platform allows you to past a job description into the website.  The SweetskillZ.com system then goes to work, pulling elements out of your resume that SweetSkillZ.com believes might be applicable to the job description.  You then have the ability to fine tune your resume, easily moving resume elements between a list that should be included in your resume and a list of elements that should not be included.  You then select the resume format and quicker than you can say “Hire Me” you have a resume that you can print, email to yourself, or save as a .doc file customized for your targeted job.

2.Second, as part of the resume creation process you have the choice of including your skill reviews in an amazon style format (IE “X” many people gave an average review of “Y” on “Z” Skill)  This way you can use your online helpfulness as Verifiable proof to your potential employer that you know what you are talking about.



How does SweetSkillz.com make my customized, targeted resumes?

We have a staff of out-of-work-garden gnomes that match the words of the job description to the words of the various words in your resume elements.